• Minimum Age Volunteer Crews are 18+

  • Dates October 1-4, 2019

  • Time Commitment 4-5 hours

  • Release and Waiver of Liability Required, can sign at volunteer training

    A REQUIRED Volunteer Training will take place Thursday September 26th 5:30pm-6:30pm AT THE EDNEY INNOVATION CENTER. If you cannot attend, we will arrange a makeup session.


In addition to a t-shirt, volunteers can attend Placemaking Week with a complimentary day pass. Once you sign up for your volunteer shift, you will receive your conference badge code.


Conference Crews make up the majority of the volunteer crews that operate throughout the event and most require no special experience. Volunteers may be seen setting up speaker’s presentation, helping provide information to visitors from around the world, or assisting registrants with finding their next sessions! There are a lot of ways to be involved with more than 5 crews to choose from.

Banner Crew

Volunteers will hang and remove Placemaking Week banners in programming rooms, public spaces, and official venues throughout the event.


Volunteers will help manage Placemaking Week hospitality areas.
 The crew will help with maintain the cleanliness of the hospitality areas and assist with food deliveries.

Party Crew

Volunteers will support opening or closing receptions for the conference. They will help with setup/cleanup, decor and welcoming guests.

Public Activation Crew

Volunteers will set out and remove furniture from public activation spaces during the conference including Miller Park and Miller Plaza. This crew will work in collaboration with the Better in a Box activation trailer which will HQ in Miller Park.

Relief Crew

Volunteers fill in wherever extra help is needed. Both daytime and nighttime hours are available. Volunteers must be flexible as you never know where this crew will take you during your shift.


Volunteers interact with speakers to insure programming runs smoothly and on schedule. Volunteers will assist speakers and provide support for sessions with the technical set up of sessions, including connecting laptops to projectors, setting microphone audio levels, adjusting room lighting, and general troubleshooting. A smile and a friendly greeting are big part of this crew. Technical experience is not required. Please mention if you have A/V experience at sign-up.


Our conference is taking place in the Innovation District so conference attendees will be moving throughout the district from venue to venue. Volunteers will help direct conference attendees to their next destination and answer questions. A smile and a polite greeting are big part of this crew.